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July 02, 2003, by Léon Krijnen

MT up and running   

Up and running: MoveableType (MT). I've been looking for a good content management system for a long time, and i think i've finally found one.
First time i ran into MT was on the site of Pieter-Jan Krijnen (no family, but also an avid traveller)
I liked his side as well as his system, that made me curious. It looked like some content management system, with an xml-button on the bottom.

Apparently anybody can react to anything on the site. I've got the system running now for five days, and i'm beginning to understand the routine of editing templates, indexes en the main style sheet. Especially the style sheet looked like a bitch in the beginning, but i'm getting somewhere now.
Until this one, style sheets that i've been using only had influence on fonts and colours, but this one is also determinating height and width of lines and fields in the tables, wich is a bit confusing in the beginning.

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