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July 11, 2003, by Léon Krijnen

System running, now what?   

Installing and hacking an new content management system is one thing, putting content in the database is something else. We all know garbage in means garbage out, so ...
For the time being i`ll stick to a daily update of the building of the system itself.

I`m stil not totally satisfied with the styling. I started with one ot the default templates of Moveable Type, as well as the default sytle sheet. I`ve hacked the templates and i`ve added the body tags of phpbb`s Sub Silver style to the style sheet, because i like the soft silver background and scroll bars.
No why the hack do the preview and submit buttons on the individual archive entry form refuse to behave nice?

Posted: July 11, 2003 09:30 AM (120 words).   

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