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July 14, 2003, by Léon Krijnen

The Skeptics Society   

The webmaster of this site does not believe in any God or devil, religion or spirituality, new (old) age stuff, handline reading, Tarot Cards, fortunetelling, astrology, Nostradamus, chrystal balling, aura's, or any other non proven stuff.
This webmaster is a member of the Skeptics Society: a scientific and educational organization of scholars, scientists, historians, magicians, professors and teachers, journalists and anyone curious about controversial ideas, extraordinary claims, revolutionary ideas and the promotion of science.

The Skeptics Society is your pathway to critical thinking, where everything must pass under the magnifying glass of scrutiny.
Learn more about the Skeptics Society on their website Skeptic.com, and how you can become a part of this growing movement. Subscribe to Skeptic Magazine to stay on the cutting edge of criticism. Receive the weekly SkepticMag Hotline via e-mail for even more timely updates.
The annual conference is a must for serious skeptics! Held each May in Pasadena, CA, this weekend conference is packed with respected authors and researchers who will educate and shed new light on tough subjects.
The Skeptics Society also sponsors a monthly lecture series at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, ca. The lecture tapes are available in both audio & video for a modest fee. Every year they also host a scientific conference centered around a major theme. The conference is especially popular with out-of-towners who enjoy the opportunity to dition to the lecture and conference speakers and the cutting edge articles in Skeptic magazine. The Society also maintain a catalogue of scientific and skeptical books that are discounted for members.

Dutch Skeptics: have a look at the website of Stichting Skepsis

And a lot of international Skeptic Links

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