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July 15, 2003, by Léon Krijnen

iPod troubles running   

Strange troubles with the synchronizing process of my brandnew iPod (dis)connecting to the pc. A process that ended in frustration friday afternoon with an empty 30 gigabyte disk: only thing i managed - and don't ask me how - was deleting the almost 2000 mp3's on the iPod.
It started allright. When the postman delivered my new toy, i didn't have a fire wire card in my machine, nor a usb2 cable that fitted. So i took the iPod to a friend who already had one, and owns an iMac. Problem one: my 30 gig Ipod is fatter than his 15 gig, and didn't fit in his synchronisation pad. No problem: tha fire wire cable also fits in the Ipod, and his 1800 plus songs were uploaded in a couple of minutes. Nice collection too, nice listening over the weekend, nice way to learn to know the handling of the iPod.

Monday morning step three, or was it four? Went to the shop, bought a fire wire card and put in my machine. Windows 2000 recognizes it allright, installs it and the device manager says the IEEE 1394 host controller is working properly. The iPod manager also shows up in the system tray, according to Windows, you guess it, working properly. Fine, but Music Match Jukebox refuses to see the iPod. When i connect it to the fire wire port the iPod says: 'do not disconnect'. That's all folks, no scrollbars or graphics wich are showing me there's actually something happening. Of course i took a look at the task manager and indeed there are some iPod processes running, but what the hack are they doing? First time iPod told me not to disconnect i waited - and waited - until i had to leave the building and when i finally did disconnect the result was an empty iPod. Now what?

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