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July 16, 2003, by Léon Krijnen

iPod full again   

Tuesday morning: whole kit and caboodle is working now according to the manuals. How did i do it? Dunnow.... All i did was put the iPod in the cradle, and connect the cradle to the fire wire card before i booted the computer. Now Music Match finally did see the iPod, but when i wanted to start the synchronisation process the iPod manager warned me that iPod has been making love with another computer (my friends iMac) and asked me if i wanted to end that engagement. After having killed that relationship, it took about fifteen minutes to pump 2339 mp3's - a total of 7.7 gigabytes - from the mp3 directory to the iPod.

Next step: firing up the internet and Google it for 'iPod hacks'. By default Music Match (and Itunes on the Mac) is set up in such a way that you don't see the files in a directory view from the computer when it is connected. I don't like that, i mean what i have bought is a 30 gigabyte external disk with a mp3 player on top. I want to see and treat it like that, so that i can simply click and drag files from any disk or directory on the desktop (or straight from any network or device) to the disk in the iPod. I'll let you know when i've found a solution.

Guess what Google tops for iPod hacks (what's in a name?): iPodhacks.com

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