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July 25, 2003, by Léon Krijnen

Let's all MoveableType   

Why not everybody and everything that has anything to do with text, moving to MySQL and PHP, or, as on this MoveableType system, a combination of MySQL and a bunch of well written and well coded cgi-scripts that build HTML, indexes and XML? newspaper.jpg
I understand that for instance banks and insurance companies have other problems with security and scalability, but a newspaper, in terms of bulk and security, is a very simple daily routine. I mean, we`re only talking about a couple of hundred articles a day, instead of millions of customer data that have to be handled. Security? Only temporarily, because what a newspaper website is producing can be read by everybody seconds later. There`s nothing worth stealing.
A newspaper that publishes on the web can save itself tons of money by operating on a PHP/MySQL platform instead of using Vignette Storyserver, Microsoft Professional servers, Access dabatases, or other bloody expansive stuff.

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