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August 05, 2003, by Léon Krijnen

Ixus it is   

Why should i buy anything not on the net? I`ve been looking around for a few weeks for the best price for my new digital camera. I haven`t been looking at any tests, because my choice was clear to begin with: the new digital Ixus 400.ixus.jpg
I`ve been using the first digital Ixus now for a couple of years, and it`s a perfect little machine. As long there is sufficient light, picture quality is good, which suits us as we like travelling to countries where there`s usually a lot of light. What`s more: good battery life, and the flash memory cards ar getting cheaper and cheaper. One of the most important reasons to love the Ixus is the size: while travelling it fits in the breast pocket of a denim jacket.

The battery loads fast, and when you disable the lcd window while shooting, you don`t have to plug it in for at least a week or so.
The new Ixus come with 4 megapixels, new lens, better zooming, and the possibility to add an indirect flash.
Ixus it is, but where to buy it? I had a look at some of the cheapest discount shops in Holland, but they were way too expansive. If you nee a new camera in the Netherlans, go shop on the web and first vist the websites of Vergelijk and Kelkoo. They sort it out for you, and i bought the Ixus finally for 505 Euro, 40 to 100 Euros cheaper than the big discounts. Camerahuis gave the best price, and they delivered right on time too. I ordered on july 31 and today, august 5, the mailman called at the door. Bummer i wasn`t home, so i`ll have to pick it up tomorrow morning at the post office.

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