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January 10, 2004, by Léon Krijnen

I got them!   

kuifke.jpgI bought the very last Gazet van Antwerpen and the Belang van Limburg available in Breda, south on the Dutch - Belgium border. Two wonderful collectors items. Those Belgium newspapers yesterday banned all photographs and normal graphics from all their pages because Kuifje (TinTin) celebrated his 75th birthday. Other Belgian newspapers yesterday (La Libre) brought a cartoon of Kuifje grabbing his coat to start another adventure, his trusted Bobby (a.k.a. Snowy) following heel. (Click for enlargement)
But The Gazet and the Belang went the full distance: every news article that would normally have been published with a photograp, ran with a suiting cartoon instead.

For instance on the front page of Belang: the news of a woman jumping out a window because of a fire was accompanied by Kuifje crawling from one window to another in a Chicago skyscraper in 'Kuifje in Amerika', one of the oldest albums.
Gotta hurry now to the nespaper shops, someone told me yesterday that De Morgen, another Belgian newspaper, will bring it�s Kuifje special today.
Tip: i've linked to the newspapers. Check them out, as there might be possibilities somewhere to order a copy online.

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