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November 03, 2004, by Léon Krijnen

MT 3.121 up and running   

Yep! MovableType 3.121 up and running. TypeKey working as well, but am I finished now? No, because even with TypeKey working, I'm fed up with the spam morons. They don't show up as comments on the front-end, but I still have to delete them from the cms. Why can't we block ip-ranges instead of ip-numbers?
I'd like to see an upgrade routine where clearly is pointed out which files - and which files only - have to be uploaded for a succesfull upgrade and which files can be omitted without encountering problems.
After having upgraded from 3.0D to 3.11 I had to re-edit all the special templates, because I'd done so in the past. I'm running them with headers and footers, different from the originale special templates, and they look nicer.
Only two minor flaws in some cms template files (e.g. in list_comment.tmpl and list_commenters_tmpl) where border ="0" was lacking in some tags, so the graphics in the cms over there got ugly blue borders.
Removing spam comments and rebuilding archives and/or indexes is much faster now. Af for the spam: I thinks I have to dive in MTBlacklist to find out if and how that works, bute I think Brandon Fullers solution might the one. Now how ... ?

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