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November 10, 2004, by Léon Krijnen

PB spamfree   

slow.jpgPB spamfree as well now, thanks to the Captcha kit and kaboodle from Brandon. It took me considerable more time and effort to get it running on PB's site than I expected. Strange, because I didn't expect any trouble beforehand, logging into exactly the same MT version (3.121) as mine. One would expect two of the same MT versions behaving exactly the same, apart from the differences in paths. Because I've got a lot off cgi-stuff running (my illustrious colleague Henk van Ess dubs me the cgi-beast) I've installed MT in a cgi-local subdirectory, calling all my static files from another directory outside cgi-local. Other MovableType bloggers probably run more (or everything) straight from the bin.
In the meantime I've learned a few things: if you're hopping from one MT installation to another, cutting and parting templates and code from one installation to another: act slow! Made me think of what the skipper in Barbados told me in 1984 when he handed me the helm of his ship for the first time: 'whatever you do, you do it slow'

In contemporary MT language: think before you hit 'save', think before you hit 'build'. Then think again, look at what you are doing in the cutting and pasting process, and think again.
Well, the good news for PB: Captcha! is working everywhere, so he only has to do some minor restyling on some templates. On his main index he only has to rebuild his left navigation column. I hope he has a back-up of that template somewhere, because I've lost it somewhere between the two user interfaces this afternoon. Never mind: I've pulled his main index from Googles cache, so at least we know what we're talking about :-)
The biggest problem is that when you're trying to install Captcha! it won't work with the 3.0 date-based archive template, individual entry archive template, comment listing template, comment preview template, comment error template and comment pending template. The catch is that it also won't work with the 3.0+ versions of those templates. Still there?
So what I had to do was make another mix (different than my own cooking) of the 2.6 templates with the 3.0 templates, and after a lot of cutting, pasting, saving and rebuilding and making mistakes, after a couple of hours al kinds of error messages finally silenced: working forms, and no more spam.
Let's hope Six Apart is offering Captcha! as soon as possible, be it as plugin, or as part of the publishing system.

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