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November 23, 2004, by Léon Krijnen

ImageFolio up to date now   

I've upgraded ImageFolio from my very old 2.0 release straight up to the 3.1 Pro. After hacking around for a few days, I'm finally getting the grips on the system. Everything works now, including the batch upload mod, batch thumbnail mod, postcard mod, post it mode. Still some minor things I either don't understand, or that don't work as they should, but man, what a beautiful system.

With this version we have the built-in ability to sharpen, crop, resize, and reformat jpg, tiff, psd and other image formats on the fly, to produce thumbnail and preview images, in batch or manual format, without any need for PhotoShop of PSP for the thumbnailing. If you still want to do that before uploading, either over the front end (the user interface) of the backdoor (through ftp), no problem.
And of course now he have IPTC: adding searchable keywords, captions, and thumbnail captions into the digital media, instead of next to it. If the photoalbums look a bit weird every once in while, thats because I'm busy hacking imageFolio. Eventually all pictures will have their own IPTC information; but first I'll have to I find another reliable batcher that converts my old index of keywords and captions into IPTC.
Also new: the thumbnail island (on left right here), parsed by ImageFolio, that has replaced my old thumbnail randomizer.
I'm calling it a day now; gotta do some more real renovations in my real renovators delight :-)

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