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September 07, 2005, by Léon Krijnen


blogline.gifFinally I've gotten a hold on Bloglines. What I did a year or so ago when I accidently landed at Bloglines for the first time was try to set up a blog with the name 'Leon' and to my amazement my name wasn't taken yet. So I registered, but until today didn't have any spare time to dive into Bloglines as a RRS feedreader. Initially I had some problems setting up a weblog at Bloglines. While I don't really need it, I gave it a good try today, and it's indeed a good and fast blogging system for anybody without a tool like MovableType.
With the blog up and running, I also checked out the possibillities of Bloglines as RSS reader and since an hour or so I'm hooked. This is my RSS tool from now on! I'd been using the KBcafe Rmail RSS application until today, wich sends you an e-mail every time one of your RSS feeds is updated. Combined with a notifier plug-in this way you can use your Gmail (or any other mail cliënt) as a replacement for a RSS reader. Works allright, but at the end of the day you have to remove one received e-mail for each updated feed.
Bloglines is better and since it's web-based usable everywhere. As for my Leon blog: when I cut a new entry from here and paste in into Bloglines, automatically all images and links are added in the html code. Great! I'l keep bloglines/blog/leon up as a mirror - might generate some extra traffic - and if there's a Leon around with a fat wallet, offers are welcome :-)

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