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November 08, 2005, by Léon Krijnen

Is a server a she, like a ship?   

No more Track Backs on this blog: the bloody spammers have won. I've had it with the track back system: deleted the mt-tb.cgi (and the renamed versions), and removed (at least I hope so) all occurencies of <$MTEntryTrackbackData$> in all templates, anywhere on the server.

The server bogged down too many times over the last months, because of trackback attacks. It didn't have to be rebooted (uptime 100% since april and the upgrade to the HPUnix 11i server), but I've been waiting too many times for things to happen, and I've been complaining to my host Verio for a number of times. Not their fault, I know now. I'm sorry, support.

Sometimes I was able to catch an attack as it started, and chmoded my mt-tb.cgi (or the renamed version) to 000, or simply deleted it temporarily, sometimes I wasn't there in time and only by coincidence saw that the whole blog was crashing to a standstill.

Bye bye trackbacks, and I'm not going to miss them. I don't think it's something that's going to stay anyway, and defintely not in the current form, where the spammers are raping the protocol every second or so.

If I want to know who's linking to me, my referral logs come in handy, and there's always Google who's keeping track of who's linking to my digital toko, or which websites are containing my blogs name, title, or ... whatever.

Waiting for the answer on the question when the trackback system will have followed dinosaurs into history (not if), the waiting is for some new plug-ins for Movable Type.

Like <$MTGoogle LinkToMyBlogData$> or something like that . . .


The best news: this entry took me approximately twenty minutes (cause I'm notorious for typo's that 10 minutes of writing, followed by 10 minutes of rereading).

Anyway, during those 20 minutes, and I started writing this post right after I killed my trackback system, my server feels and looks like she's (Is a server a she, like a ship?) reborn. Adding, editing, building, uploading, everything is fast and smooth again.


Posted: November 8, 2005 09:09 PM (340 words).   

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