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April 14, 2006, by Léon Krijnen

Airport Express streaming   

airport.jpg As I'm working a lot on my iMac a these days, decided to buy an Apple Airport Express, and was suprised again (twice) by Apple.
The day before a colleague gave me a baseball dvd; Astros - White Sox, impressive stuff, all about power pitching. Tried the dvd in my XP machine at the newspaper, but gave up, frustrated, after fifteen minutes of typical Windows behaviour; crashing media player, crashing XP, crashing machine. Took the dvd home, slipped it in the side slot of the Mac and it started playing.

Aiport; same story. Bought it because I wanted to stream music from the Mac to our 25 year old Pioneer stereo set. Plugged it into the power outlet behind the stero, and connected two old banana plugs (one red, one black) in what looked like two right connections in the back of the old Pioneer. Walked to the computer at the other side of the living, started iTunes, and opened the manual to check out how to set up the wireless connection.

I swear I hadn't even found the right page when the Mac started streaming, and the old stero started playing the Carlos Libendensky tango that we bought in Buenos Aires!

I'm beginning to wonder why anybody in a right state of mind would install any Windows on any new Mac with the Pentium processors. I can think of only one valid reason: to prove that even XP runs fine on a Mac. Even XP!

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