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April 14, 2006, by Léon Krijnen

New pics, tagging, anybody?   


New pictures, quickly batched over three albums: Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia. Since you probably know by now that my camera was snatched in La Paz, the Argentian pictures - so far - were all shot in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Cataratas de Iguazu, Salta, Cordillera de Cucuy and La Quiaca.

ImageFolio: Argentina 2006
ImageFolio: Bolivia 2006
ImageFolio: Paraguay 2006

The Bolivian pictures were all made in to Potosi and Sucre, or somewhere else on our way from La Villazon to the Bolivian capital. Half an hour or so before we catched a bus to Cochabamba, I spotted a Kodak service in Sucre, and as the 512 mb flashcard in the Ixus contained over 200 pictures I thought it a good idea to burn a backup. Right I was, because after our visit to Cochabamba and short visits to some villages on the Altaplana, on the way to La Paz, the camera was stolen on march 23.

No pictures yet from La Paz yet, Chile, and Patagonia, but as we spent most time in the same places als last year, no problem. What's more; Anja still uses her old little Pentax that has served us well over the years. So a lot of pictures from La Paz, La Villa Agostura and San Carlos de Barriloche, Patagonia, are at a professional printing service right now. Looks like we've got some scanning to do next week.

Another Gargantuan job: the tagging of the pictures. Google the blog on South American of Australian cities and you see wat tagging does: Google spits out heaps of ImageFolio url's.

It may take a while, my guess is another couple of years, but I'm sure all cameras sooner or later will translate spoken words in IPTC tags. While - or during a certain time enveloppe around the click - you speak to the camera, the words will translates into IPTC tags, maybe a set of session-defined tags.

Even better, all camera's by then will also contain a GPS system, so longitude and latitude - and names, thanks to Google Maps, will be added to IPTC.

Far fetched? I bet Canon has the system almost ready, all we need is some mass, some time.

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