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May 05, 2006, by Léon Krijnen

Moving house and the FlashMac   

My complete computer content has moved to the web, I realised this week.

Over time my machine has become nothing more than an interface between my living room and the Internet. Everything that's valuable is somewhere out there on that evil web, but I don't bother at all.

I trust Verio, the keeper of my virtual magazines, I trust Google, my digital amanuensis, I trust Apple, my mechanic.

Behind my blog at Verio rests what I want to keep safe and hidden, Google saves other things, indexes and searches, distributes, receives and sends, and on the iDisk at my Dot.Accounts is a system backup ready, in case things go wrong.

The web has become where I live and work: for what do I need a hard disk?

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For the five thousand or so mp3 songs in the iTunes folder? Matter of time; bandwidth and web space are already almost so gargantuan as well as cheap that my music collection will be streamed to some disk in some rack in some data center as well, to be streamed to wherever I want to listen to it. Beat it.

In a lot of offices they have arrived: machines without hard disks, no more than keyboard and screen. The hardware is hidden in the screen (I'm typing this on my iMac) or in a matchbox sized box, and everything is connected to a company server and/or the Internet.

Soon you will be working on such a thin client at home. Don't invest any money in hard disks or DVD recorders, because you won't need them anymore.

If anything important dies on a computer - Mac or PC - it's a hard disk, eight out of ten. Number nine a fan fails, causing the processor to overheat, and in mentioning the occasional cup of coffee over the keyboard the top ten of computer failures is complete.

On a machine that's nothing more than a screen and a keyboard nothing more can fail, it costs no more than, well, as keyboard and a good screen, and as a bonus the machine is really quiet.

So all I really need - let's forget about my music for a moment - all I need that hard disk for is for booting OS X.

My guess is one or two more keynotes and Steve Jobs will present one: the first FlashMac - laptop or desktop - without a hard disk, but with one or two gigabyte flash memory. And no more super drive, cause nobody needs disks anymore because nobody will burn anymore. You will save your stuff on the web, or you will save it on flash memory.

OS X will be waiting for you in flash and will boot up in a flash, in one or two seconds.

Every picture, every document, every file, every keystroke, will instantly be saved, somewhere on the web. That's what I'm doing already, while I'm saving some money for my FlashMac.

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