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May 18, 2006, by Léon Krijnen

Google Notebook   

GoogleNotebook.jpg This one is written in the newest root at the ever expanding GoogleTree: Notebook. While I'm writing, I'm figuring out what it can do for me, five minutes after I've downloaded and installed it on my iMac as an extension of Firefox. Although the boys and girls from Google warned me in the disclaimer that the Notebook extension might be a bit buggy on OS X, nevertheless it's working like everything else that Google delivers: interface as simple as possible, and fast.

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Like almost every other handy browser tools, the Firefox extensions; whenever they're working on my Dell XP at the newspaper, they will run as well on the iMac on OS X.

By cultivating and watering my expanding collection extensions my Mac starts a bit to look like what it inevitable and unavoidable will be in the near future: a network machine running only one program: the browser, operating system as well as web browser and everything else.

Lets call it the Xbrowser, or the Gbrowser, or SuperFirefox, whatever, but when I'm looking at my machine, I'm having a look at the future.

Thanks to the integration of GoogleSearch, Gmail, GoogleGroups, GoogleCalendar, Google-RSS, -Notebook, the browser based content management systems I'm using for my work (Escenic) as well my digital kindergarten (MovableType) there are days that I'm hardly ever leaving Firefox.

The Web Developer Plugin lives up to it's name, I'm writing, reading and communicating from my browser. In the meantime my music is conducted from within Firefox, by means of just another plugin that iTunes obeys.

There's only one elementary part missing, and Firefox (running, one might say, on top of iTunes) is the only program I will need. The last plug in (nice title for a movie) is the one I will be using to resize and enhance my pictures before the'yre being kicked to the web, through another web-based interface. For enhancing and resizing I'm using Paint Shop Pro on the Dell or PhotoShop on the Mac at thome.

Actually I wouldn't even need them anywmore; as well the nepwspaper content management system as my personal version of ImageFolio automatically generate the right sizes for thumbnails and photoalbums, and ImageFolio als sharpens on the fly, by means of scripted median values.

But both applications accept only smaller than sizes: Escenic only less than 1500 pixels width or height, ImageFolio's iBulc uploader only less than 3 or so mb. Which means first I have to resize, and there's no resizer - yet - in the Web Develoment plugin for Firefox.

Yeah, I know there's Picasa, and that's free - and it's from Google as well - but being a browser freak I want it to be integrated as well.

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