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August 04, 2006, by Léon Krijnen

Pay This Post! Now!   


I think you're perfect, how do you like me? Also online now: an old boy network, where everybody jolly hits shoulders, letting the whole world know how great the other old boy is.

It's the new blogging where every blog boy links and pings the other blog boy, the target is money for everybody (and chicks for free).
Pay Per Post is an American website that contacts bloggers with those who sell something. As always, I'm sitting here, wondering what to think about it.

Translation in Dutch at @ DutchCowboys

While your newspaper is pushed in your mailbox every day, next to free weeklies, junk mail and copies of handwritten offerings from hand readers and chimney cleaners, the spectrum of offerings on the web is much broader - and more bizar.

In this spectrum Pay per Post has discovered a niche, although it's no new hole.

In our newspaper battles are sometimes fought when advertorial salesmen have raped the written agreements between editors and sales, that is, in our view. When a commercials looks too much like a editorial the reader is confused, independence and trustfulness of the newspaper are damaged.

Bloggers that sell their soul to Pay Per Post don't have to worry about such discrepancy. Agreements are crystal clear: positive stories about beautiful products, and the money will arrive. At the seller whose products are recommended, in my account, and above all at Pay Per Post, I assume.

It sounds good. I haven't read the small print yet, so I even don't know if I have to stick a PpP logo on top of my blog if I should want to participate in the program. Although it's possible you don't have to do that, as a blog full of positive reviews might look more trustfully without a Pay Per Post logo.

Keep watching me. For clarity: I'm not (yet) participating, so if you read something very good about my Mac over here, it's straight form my heart. My iMac is up and running for ten months now, always fast as I can wish, always stable, never problems with viruses or intruders, I love my iMac!

Have you heard, Steve Jobs? Pay This Post. Now!

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