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August 29, 2006, by Léon Krijnen

The Black Aldis   


With the finish of my renovation marathon almost there – moving back into our old house next Saturday – comes time. Time which I could spend keeping myself busy with my sound.

While I’m writing this in TextMate on the iMac the Airport streams my collection of narco tango’s an classic rock – iTunes is almost always on shuffle – to our 25 year old Pioneer combo. The Sony boxes that were connected to it in the past went kaflooie one day. One of them started rumbling like a erupting volcano, and when I touched one of the speaker cones it fell apart in some kind of thick dust and mouse poo.

Translation in Dutch at @ DutchCowboys

As it happened Aldi – some kind of European Walmart – sold a pair of heavy jet black speaker boxes for 99 euro. I copied the specs form the advertisement in the newspaper and took them to a high end hi fi shop around the corner. Turned out for the amount they asked for boxes with the same specifications we could travel through South America for three months with ease. It wasn’t a difficult choice and when we came back the black Aldis appeared a good choice ever after.

When we moved to our temporary living at Speelhuislaan it took my old Win2k machine, together with the trio Klipsch boxes and the Audigy Sound Card to the Internet desk at the newspaper. To great pleasure of a major majority of happy people – but to much chagrin of a minor minority – that combo became the deciding fun factor on the Internet desk, and most colleagues on central desk – listen, laugh and sing along.

Until nine o’clock, when the daily music curfew begins . At nine the sound level goes down to supermarketmuzaklevel, so that readers who make a call to the newspaper don’t get the wrong impression and think that it’s a complete madhouse over here.

What to do now? Connect Audigy and Klipsch to the Mac, whether or not over the Airport? Or let the Pioneer – beautiful retro 1980 brushed aluminum – do the job with the Aldis? Another option is connect Aldi to Audigy and see what kind of extra bass will result from that relation. But of course I can also make a nice combo of the Klipsch boom box – and the two high tone tweeters - together with Aldi One and Two.

Looking into the future going the renovation I’ve put some miles of extra plastic piping behind the new drywall. One of them contains the ADSL cable, another one coax, and three others heavy duty red and black speaker wiring.

Uttermost fun resulting in writing columns like this comes in my favorite pub next Friday when two hi fi fanatics try to explain – in vain – again – that I’m a complete idiot.

Boxes from the Aldi!

Come on!

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