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September 20, 2006, by Léon Krijnen

Clearing and cleaning   


Our living room, after moving back to our little old house, is corresponding with my digital household: everything is for the time being. While in our real world water, gas and electricity are up and running, it's the same story in my little virtual planet. The iMac, the ISDN/ADSL, sound, everything is running like a greased lightning, but sooner or later a lot of things have to be taken care off.

While our new couch has been delivered in parts and has to be constructed according to the Ikea rules and drawings, a door has to be hung, a shed to be build, I still don't know what it's all going to be digital.

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From the umpteen yards of different kinds of cables that I've fed into the walls during the renovation, prescient, only one is being used right now: the phone copper.

That cable is split - for the ADSL - and branched off - for the ISDN phones - under the new computer table, with the the advantage that the complete hardware kit and caboodle is in reach, in view.

In the meantime we're obsessed by cleaning up and clearing out, resulting in almost daily trips to junkyard and recycling center, and every time afterwards a very good clean feeling and more space.

Digital: the same. It took a while before I even thought about it and tried, but the internal sound card of the iMac is at least as good as the old external Creative Extigy. When I connected the iMac straight to my trio of Klipsch boxes the whole house was filled with deep warm bass, and crystal clear high tones.

The old Pioneer combo and the heavy jet black Aldis have been moved to the Internet desk now, where the Extigy has begun a new life as preamplifier for the Pioneer. Everybody over there - well, almost everybody - is happy with the new sound system.

More with less is my aspiration. Last week Steve Jobs danced upon attendance, presenting a little white box, that wireless streams videos en television shows form the iMac to my television set. This new gadget arrives in spring, so another question is more important right now: whether or not to buy a new iMac?

On Tuesday I've visited an Apple news conference in Amsterdam where they showed the new generation of Nano's, and gave a demo of the new iTunes, which I'd installed already last week.

Very interesting, but what really caught my attention was standing on a table in the back of the room: new 24 inch iMac, with the Core 2 Duo Intel.

Wow, my decision is not the problem, persuading the home office might be a higher hurdle.

First thing to do: check out what a G5 iMac with 2 gigabytes of memory does on eBay. Who's making a bid?

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