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October 17, 2006, by Léon Krijnen

Start (video) blogging, now!   

Wanna see how two twenty somethings feel who just cashed a cool 700 million each? Check out this YouTube video. It shows the interview held on a San Francisco Street, minutes after YouTube, owned by Chad Hurley (29) and Steve Chen (28), is acquired by Google, that paid 1.65 billion in shares. No wonder the two video wonder boys are behaving like they're leaving a Dutch coffee shop, where one can legally enjoy a big joint.

They not only cashed, they also will receive a nice salary, because they start working for Google, while some small change - 300 mil - goes to the investor who smelled in time what was going to happen to video and Internet.

Where YouTube was a dubious, uncertain platform to build upon, I think Google video is a more stable base that bloggers or digital publishers can use without any investment, bind or confer. All you need is some kind of video camera, upload, ready and done.

It probably won't take long before Google will start every video with ten or so commercial seconds, like the model that a lot of video providers are using already.

We do it on our corporate portal, and while some visitors seem to be used to it, I myself have to be very, very curious, before I accept fifteen appetizer seconds.

Anyway, the very moment your video is uploaded tot YouTube or Google Video, you can embed a link on your own blog or website, where you can surround them with your own advertisements. Or put Google ads next to them, so that your free video host is making some money - and you too.

All to good to be true? Google the web and you will find business models that explain how to make money on the web with a number of free Google products. High in the top ten of working case a smart couple - he does the website, she does the CRM calls - who make some 300,000, a month that is, bye means of Google AdSense.

Keep Googling and you will find a picture of another one proudly showing his latest monthly mega check.

It even isn't a hoax. Start blogging, now!

Posted: October 17, 2006 11:22 AM (363 words).   

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