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November 01, 2006, by Léon Krijnen

Running new browsers?   


Already unpacked your premature Xmas present, a new browser? Tell me more, because those who know me, know that I - sadder and wiser through trial and error in the past - will wait for some time, and then wait for some more time to come. In the meantime I read and listen, shudder and enjoy, while a keep riding my old Internetbicycles.

When profanity, grumbling and ululating are beginning to dim, I might give things a try, and will install Firefox 2.0 on my Mac. Coincidence or not, in the same week that Firefox proudly presented number 2.0, Microsoft officially opened number 7.0.

I don't know if it's a wise thing to install the New Internet Explorer on the four Dell Optiplexes on the Internet Desk at the newspaper. Most important consideration: the content management system applications - WebStudio and Escenic Content Studio, both written in Java, at the moment sometimes do what they are intended to do. 'Let sleep what is sleeping' is the slogan at home, when cats and/or dogs are for a change not tearing down the household. Sssssttt!

Maybe better to leave the Dells alone for now. Instead of waking up sleeping devils, and a result being busy putting out fires until next Xmas or Whitsunday.

It wasn't very difficult to predict that on the same day that Microsoft presented the new toy, the first security hole would be found. That's the same as predict that the sun will rise every day - or set every night.

I wasn't even very surprised that it only took a long quarter of an hour, and that Micorosft came with the first patch on the very first day - may more will follow, as the sun, well, you know it.

Having said that about MIe 7.0, I'll also wait with the installation of Firefox 2.0. I don;t expect too much trouble there, not on the Mac, and not on the Dell, but I hear about some problems with the extensions. Little handy helpers, most of them programs written by third parties.

Some of them are working in 2.0, some of them ain't, and need some kind of refreshment first. I'll wait until those are cur and shaved, because I'm using some extensions - like the Web Developer and it's very handy Toolbar - that I can't miss.

Good luck to everyone who switched already, we'll be waiting for good news from all of you.

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