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December 09, 2006, by Léon Krijnen

Phones for sale   


I'm gonna say bye bye to my collection of old black phones. Until 1997, when ISDN arrived, followed by ADSL a few years later, five or six of them were still working in our little old house.

A telecom guy who walked in once shook his head and said that it was impossible to hook more than two of them one standard line as they were dragging to much energy, but they were always working.

But that was, and this is now: for sale, twenty different old black phones, most of them black bakelite, some white, a white Ericofoon.

Desktop models, wall models, most of them complete, three without a cord.

Whole kit and caboodle: 150 euro, thats 193,60 dollar,

Update feb. 05 2007: sold on Marktplaats, total 150 Euro I'd already sold three phones solo when a mail arrived: I want them all!

Delivered to a fellow in Arnhem who owns a call center.

My old collection is part of the designer interior over there now, which is a comforting idea.

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