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December 19, 2006, by Léon Krijnen

The biggest rubes, boobs, and noobs of 2006   


The year 2006 is almost history, so this is the time for awards. I like this one, presented yesterday by one Robert X. Cringely in Cringeville: The MOONies, honoring the most Morally Obtuse, Offensive, and Noxious behavior in high tech.

This year’s MOONie winners will receive a handsome statuette of Steve Ballmer bending over and dropping his trousers, affectionately known around Redmond as The Google Salute. Along the way a few tips of the Cringely fedora to deserving folks who made the tech world a better place.

So without further ado ...: The biggest rubes, boobs, and noobs of 2006, tirelessly seeking out new lows in high tech

Posted: December 19, 2006 09:57 AM (107 words).   

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