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January 03, 2007, by Léon Krijnen

Revolution: (half) live or play back?   

Hadn't checked GoogleVideo for a couple of weeks on 'Beatles'. Never seen this one before: performing 'Revolution' at the David Frost Show. Year?

Got my doubts about whether this is (half) live or play back. According to one commenter on GoogleVideo: 'many people think this is a lip-synced version, its not, its live vocals over the video'.

However; according to Wikipedia: A product of the recording sessions for The Beatles (aka The White Album), "Revolution" featured distorted guitars and an electric piano solo by session musician Nicky Hopkins. This track is one of the loudest and most aggressive Beatle songs; it begins abruptly with a loud, overdriven electric guitar played by John Lennon, a thundering, compressed drum beat from Ringo Starr and a wailing scream from Lennon as the song launches into gear. (The scream was an overdub added when Lennon double tracked his vocal. Paul McCartney performed the scream on the 'David Frost Show' semi-live television performance, because Lennon could not deliver the scream and catch his breath again in time to launch into the first verse.)

Another search on Google delivered this date: Revolution (4 Sep 1968, Promo TV David Frost Show)

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