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January 09, 2007, by Léon Krijnen

More on Google Maps   


I just love GoogleMaps! Great what you can do with it, when you get your API key. It took me a while, and some hard work, but finally I'm getting somewhere.

So far I've set up three different maps:


a Big Full Screen Google Map (looks fabulous on my iMac),

and a Geocoder.

Couldn't have realised it without the Google Maps API Tutorial from Mike Williams, the Google Maps API Version 2 Documentation and Mapki.

Check them out, click on te markers, try the Custom Zoom, made possible by the Java Script written by Andre Lewis,

Click the markers on - or next to - the map, and see what you can do with CSS or HTML - even embedded video - in the pop-ups.

I've also begun to expirement with feeding GoogleEarth KML files to GoogleMaps, but I haven't found out yet how to feed KML to the URL of one of my own maps.

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