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February 28, 2007, by Léon Krijnen

Second Life? Get a life!   


Been partying for five days, after a three year Carnival sabbatical, unlike most of my colleagues. A joker under them acted an instant seizure when he met me on Saturday morning at the newspaper, my NapoLeon hat on my head, finishing some paper work before running to Beyerd or Bommel.

Never mind, he's a nice guy and he can run, be he is from north of The Moerdijk, calls French fries patat, and doesn't know a thing about Carnival.

I've never understood the people born and raised over here who hate Carnival, must be a missing link in their education, but I couldn't care less.

Anyway, came Ash Wednesday, a big hangover, nothing else or decent to do, perfect day to make my first visit to Second Life.

Translation in Dutch at @ BN/DeStem

I mean, I had to do it at least once, because everybody over here is talking about nothing else, and to some people not having been in Second Life looks even stranger than going to the Carnival.

Right, I hear you can become a millionaire over there, en if that doesn't work out right away, there are girls galore. But be aware they might be younger than they are looking, cause the cops have gone to Second Life too, since they've discovered child porn over there.
A few more posts like this and everybody is over there and the real streets and pubs are empty.

So I fired up my iMac and the Internet, and I went to Second Life. First thing that surprised me is that yo have to choose a surname from a preferred batch.

As there are more than a million and a half Second Lifers already, most first names are in use so from now on my virtual ego is Leonardus Larsson.

Having said that; don't try to contact me over there, because after an hour or so I've redirected the whole Second Life kit and caboodle hype to the trashcan.

What a nonsense, what a useless poverty.

I have to be careful over here, because the same things I've heard about Carnival last week.

Do you like Second Life?

Well, for a start try to get a real hangover over there, stiff legs from doing the letkiss and the samba, tears in your eyes from laughing about Carnival jokers performing practical jokes.

Second Life? Get a life!

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