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July 13, 2007, by Léon Krijnen

A Tour de France Google Maps API mash up   

Click the map for the big map

The Tour de France is on. I know how hard it is, cause I went down and out myself two months ago on Alpe d'Huez on my second climb.
Yeah, I know my chain broke in the very first 100 meters of the climb, but that's hardly an excuse for the cramps in my thighs half an hour later.

Nevermind, it was a beautiful day again, and I'll be back next year, lighter and better prepared (and with some spare chains). Last year was a good one, ad I'd like to break that pr.

Mashed up a Google Map for our newspaper, setting up all the stages, and linking them to the plotted stages I could find in Google Maps.

This one's a copy, but a bit different, with the custom zoom script included, cause I really love that script.

When you click the markers you see the links to the stages in Google Maps, as well as links to the same stage on the official Tour de France site.

The source in this map is a bit different from the previous maps I mashed up. All the coördinates, as well as the html in the pop ups is now in the same .shtml file (but parts of the code - the API key being one of them - parsed by an include), where my previous maps read the coördinates from another file.

Just for fun, practising and learning to know the possibilties of Google Mapsd API better.

I really like this one. I could put Google or You Tube Video's from the finished stages on a daily base, bu no more play today, I'm afraid. Very busy building, tuning and translating a new ImageFolio 43.0 Pro photoalbum with visitor upload possibillity for the newspaper where I'm working. More about that later . . .

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