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August 06, 2007, by Léon Krijnen

The Fake Steve Jobs Is Busted   


For about a year and a half I've been enjoying the work of an anonymous blogger who was acting as Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, one of the world’s most famous businessmen, and certainly on of the worlds best salesman.

On 'the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs', Jobs came out like a difficult and egoistical leader. 'Fake Steve',” attracted also many famous readers, the real Mr. Jobs as well as Bill Gates acknowledged reading the blog, though the latter probably enjoyed it more than the main subject of the blog.

Turned out the writer wasn't living in the valley, nor is he an Apple employee, but a tech writer and editor living and working on the East Coast; Daniel Lyons, from Forbes Magazine.

Mr. Lyons was pulled out of his hidden closet last weekend by the New York Times' Brad Stone.

Check out the report at the NYT website.

What I really like is the comment of his boss, Richard Karlgaard, who said he had a good laugh and holds no grudges; 'I think it is the most brilliant caricature of an important part of American culture that I’ve seen. We’re really proud that he’s one of ours.'

Right! (Do ya read, up there?)

The comment of Mr. Jobs are less funny. By now we all know that one of the worlds best sellers has an en ego that's so big it doesn't fit in his fattest Pro Mac.

A pity, bit stupid also, because with just al little bit of wit, a small piece of self-referential humor, Steve Jobs could have gained a lot of sympathy, courtesy of Steve Fake Jobs.

Translation in Dutch at @ DutchCowboys

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