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August 29, 2007, by Léon Krijnen

How To Blow Up Flappentappers?   


I'm a bit reluctant to try it myself, cause there's a fat chance, even in The Netherlands, that a Swat team will burst trough my front door within the next ten minutes after Googling: 'How to Blow Up ATM Machines'. Since you've arrived here: learn another beautiful Dutch word, this one for ATM: flappentapper. Slang, made up from slang: flap is slang for paper money, tapper is like in a beer tap.

Translation in Dutch @ DutchCowboys

Anyway' interesting court case, started today in Sydney's Central Local Court. In Australia, as in America, defendants, while innocent until proven guilty, are mentioned with their full names in the media. So we learn that three of the four defendants (Bassil, Taouk and Nassour) are probably of some kind of Arabic origin, which could mean some twenty countries.

While we in The Netherlands enjoy our problems with some of so called second and third generation Maroccans, Down Under the problems are more diverse. For instance Servian youngsters like a good fight with Croatians, and every year around Xmas and New Year there are fighting festivities on the less popular beaches on the south side of Sydney. Large groups of young True Blue Aussies are seeking confrontation with what they call the Bloody Arabs. (If the Arabs don't come young ultra right Australia likes to beat up some Vietnamese or whatever looks 'different'.

Anyway, the court case is interesting for us Dutch Cowboys now that ATM boys are arrested before they blew the flappentappers to smithereens. They landed behind bars after the Australian Feds found out they'd ordered 23 litres of chemicals from the Northern Territory this month. According to Australian Federal Police forensics experts the chemicals could have been used to make up to 40 kilograms of high-powered explosive.

What intrigues me is how the Feds found this out, now that the defendants admitted they have been Googling on how to get the job done. Don't try to Google 'How To Blow Up Flappentappers', but feel free to try 'How to Blow Up ATM Machines'.

Don't mail me the results, because we both might end up in court. It might as well be the case that one or more of those websites the Australian defendants landed on, are honeypots. Where the Feds (American, Australian, French, Dutch, whatever) are posting at the other side of the street, facilitated by Google or American law.

Am I being paranoid? Maybe. But: I'm pretty sure that even in Holland a red light starts flashing, a bell will be ringing, the moment I start buying diesel, sugar and fertilizer in large quantities.

Maybe better too, cause he who has done nothing wrong, has nothing to fear?

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