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January 02, 2008, by Léon Krijnen

Going back to the Sports Desk?   


The Olivetti M10 I took with me to the Australian Open in 1985. The thing is still working, no problem at all!

Going back to my old hobby-job - sportswriter - after twelve years? Might be a good idea, after having read this article on the website of The New York Times. From 1980 until September 1995 (my last Flushing Meadows) I've covered over forty Grand Slams, and approximately seventy other tournaments en Davis Cup matches. Next to tennis I covered soccer every once in a while,volleyball, billiards, I've interviewed I don't know how many local, national or international sporters, and I've written the weekly Saturday sport column for over ten years. In spring 1996 I switched to the Internet, to build our website from scratch, after having had it with sport coverage. But now, thanks to the Internet, the high-paid objects of desire are not pitchers, running backs or point guards - they are sportswriters. Now what?

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