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March 23, 2010, by Léon Krijnen

One backup is no backup!   


One back up is no back up, two back ups is not enough, three back ups give you a false feeling of security, four back ups might be sufficiënt, five?

Anyway; my rigid backup strategies payed off once more. Two months in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. Wonderful countries, fantastic skies, beautiful people, amazing animals, great buildings, lots of pictures.

With the risk of the camera getting robbed (again) or a flash card breaking down, I'd had the card copied almost every week tot a dvd and sent it to myself back home. On top of that I asked them every time to copy the pics as well to usb sticks. I took the sticks and the last dvd back home in the luggage, and sent a total of four dvd's home by classic mail.

Only two of those arrived, and this is how the very first dvd looked when I opened the enveloppe.

The second one proved to be in good order, as well as the sticks, so I'll stick to my strategies . . .

Here's a selection of the pics.

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