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Son of Napster

snapster.gifBob Cringely is my favourite columnist on the net. This week he’s come up with a brilliant idea: Snapster. Bob believes he can bring about inevitable changes in the recording industry, and possibly make one of you lucky readers rich. The reason Bos says he’s writing this column is two-fold. To start with, simply because he would like people to consider lateral solutions to problems: pushing the concept of problem solving in a new way.
The second reason: he doesn’t like the current situation in the recording industry where power is concentrated in the hands of executives who are doing all they can to stop the rotation of the Earth.

Angel went down today

Angel went down this morning, after having been up for 18 months. Angel is our Linux server, which has been up for one year and eight months without a reboot. Try that on a Windows machine. ntsmall.jpgAs Angels metal house, a dual processor Pentium IV server, is standing in a university server building somewehere in Holland, somebody had to make a call to someone, and another someone started to ask himself the hack in which corner they’d placed that machine in december 2001. When they finally found it, the culprit was a broken fan, so the machine had overheated and come to a safety stop. Eighteen months is so different from Windows machines that leak themselves to multiple crashes, were you have a fat chance of crashed disks because of the multiple daily reboots.

Let’s all MoveableType

Why not everybody and everything that has anything to do with text, moving to MySQL and PHP, or, as on this MoveableType system, a combination of MySQL and a bunch of well written and well coded cgi-scripts that build HTML, indexes and XML? newspaper.jpg
I understand that for instance banks and insurance companies have other problems with security and scalability, but a newspaper, in terms of bulk and security, is a very simple daily routine. I mean, we`re only talking about a couple of hundred articles a day, instead of millions of customer data that have to be handled. Security? Only temporarily, because what a newspaper website is producing can be read by everybody seconds later. There`s nothing worth stealing.
A newspaper that publishes on the web can save itself tons of money by operating on a PHP/MySQL platform instead of using Vignette Storyserver, Microsoft Professional servers, Access dabatases, or other bloody expansive stuff.

The White Site

It’s an old idea of mine – copy, steal or borrow it if you want: the ultimate white website. By the way: are there überhaupt new ideas, or is any idea, true or not, honest or not, a rebirth? Let’s google the net for the string “white site”. Hmmm, about 5800 hits, so the idea, mine or not, was never new. White sites cover a lot of ground: Bryan White websites, a Great White Site about, you guess it, great white sharks, a Single White Site about Bridget Fonda, landscaping sites, a government site in Singapore which sells white sites, blank spots in the city, to developers.GreatWhite
I expected Aryan sites too, who predict stupid things about the superiority of the white race, but a quick check didn’t show them immediately. There’s a white site about magic, but most of the white sites have a lot of colour in their design, because in those cases the term white has nothing to do with the colour. I haven’t been able to find another thing i suspect there must be out there somewhere: a complete white site. Of course some joker has made one, where everything is white, background as well as the fonts and the images, just for fun. Can you find it?

This is Dorus

That’s my wheels, my daily driver, though she’s spending the winters, that we’re spending Down Under, in a big shed between caravan trailers and other old timers.
She used to be an ordinary Bug until 1984, when a guy called Dorus cut her in in half and spent the rest of the year rebuilding her to a pick-up, as the Americans call their trucks. Of course i better like the Australian way of calling them ‘utes’, short for ‘utility cars’.
Photos first restoration (1988-1989).
Photos second restoration (2010-2012)

iPod full again

Tuesday morning: whole kit and caboodle is working now according to the manuals. How did i do it? Dunnow…. All i did was put the iPod in the cradle, and connect the cradle to the fire wire card before i booted the computer. Now Music Match finally did see the iPod, but when i wanted to start the synchronisation process the iPod manager warned me that iPod has been making love with another computer (my friends iMac) and asked me if i wanted to end that engagement. After having killed that relationship, it took about fifteen minutes to pump 2339 mp3’s – a total of 7.7 gigabytes – from the mp3 directory to the iPod.

iPod troubles running

Strange troubles with the synchronizing process of my brandnew iPod (dis)connecting to the pc. A process that ended in frustration friday afternoon with an empty 30 gigabyte disk: only thing i managed – and don’t ask me how – was deleting the almost 2000 mp3’s on the iPod.
It started allright. When the postman delivered my new toy, i didn’t have a fire wire card in my machine, nor a usb2 cable that fitted. So i took the iPod to a friend who already had one, and owns an iMac. Problem one: my 30 gig Ipod is fatter than his 15 gig, and didn’t fit in his synchronisation pad. No problem: tha fire wire cable also fits in the Ipod, and his 1800 plus songs were uploaded in a couple of minutes. Nice collection too, nice listening over the weekend, nice way to learn to know the handling of the iPod.

The Skeptics Society

The webmaster of this site does not believe in any God or devil, religion or spirituality, new (old) age stuff, handline reading, Tarot Cards, fortunetelling, astrology, Nostradamus, chrystal balling, aura’s, or any other non proven stuff.
This webmaster is a member of the Skeptics Society: a scientific and educational organization of scholars, scientists, historians, magicians, professors and teachers, journalists and anyone curious about controversial ideas, extraordinary claims, revolutionary ideas and the promotion of science.

MT up and running

Up and running: MoveableType (MT). I’ve been looking for a good content management system for a long time, and i think i’ve finally found one.
First time i ran into MT was on the site of Pieter-Jan Krijnen (no family, but also an avid traveller)
I liked his side as well as his system, that made me curious. It looked like some content management system, with an xml-button on the bottom.