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Waltzing Mathilda

wallabies.gifThe world in Australia is upside down: Waltzing Mathilda may no longer be performed as the national rugbyteam stampedes onto the grounds. My favorite reference work, the official dictionary of Australian slang, has to be extended with at least ten pages of new expressions or expletives, i guess. Aussies not only wear their hart on their sleeves, but they’r also pretty creative with language. Fair dinkum!

‘Brights’ come out of the closet

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Slick: new Sony

sony.jpgGiant step in the never ending rat-race for a newer and better consumer camrea: the new Sony Cyber Shot DSC-F828. Slick! Is it a consumer camera of a professional one? It’s a 8-megapixel, which can produce resolutions up to 3360 x 2460. Lots of tricks too, such as a 4-color Super HAD CCD and Carl Zeiss T* lens.
The lens is a wide angle to telephoto zoom lens with an equivalent 35mm focal length of 28mm-200mm, a 7-iris diaphragm giving a maximum aperture of F2.0 at wide angle and F2.8 when set at telephoto. It rotates and also offers a 7x Optical Zoom with a macro auto focus range of 20mm to 600 mm.
For sale in Europe from november, extimated body price over 1000 euros. I’ll stick to the Ixus 400 for now, and wait for the nextt step in the camera rat race.

Yeahronimo? Yeah!

Maybe because i haven`t checked often enough development of streaming video, after so many disappointments during the last couple of years, that i wasn`t aware of the status of watching live events on the net.
Anyway, never before my scepticism vaporized so fast as sunday afternoon, while i was watching the soccergame Groningen – NAC, live, on the web.
Fair dinkum, it works, at last al those predictions are beginning to become true!


RoopRamRotiYesterday we made a fun trip to Rotterdam. On the last two softball matches we played at Sparta I took my Giant FCR from Breda to The Castle at Spangen, and passed a big roti restaurant in Rotterdam, called RoopramRoti. There were huge lines waiting for the food, so that must be very good. So we took Dorus to Rotterdam, and checked it out. It was fantastic indeed. Anja tried the lamb roti, i enjoyed the chicken. Check it out!

The feared boktor

boktor.jpg Ixus is here, first pictures will follow tomorrow. First things first: getting used to the new manuals, which are slightly different from its predecessor, the first version of Ixus, or digital Elph as it is called in the US. And i have to make my daily trip to the wastedump, as i am demolishing the inside of our old house, built in 1895. We’ve temporarily moved to another house in Breda.
Upstairs i’ve removed all walls, inner roofing covering and ceilings, downstairs i’ve taken out all ceilings. There were three: one constructed around 1980, hanging down 40 centimeters from the original ceiling. The second one, guessing by old newspapers (De Volkrant and De Stem) from 1962 and 1969, used as preparation for wallpaper, must have been constructed around 1970.

Ixus it is

Why should i buy anything not on the net? I`ve been looking around for a few weeks for the best price for my new digital camera. I haven`t been looking at any tests, because my choice was clear to begin with: the new digital Ixus 400.ixus.jpg
I`ve been using the first digital Ixus now for a couple of years, and it`s a perfect little machine. As long there is sufficient light, picture quality is good, which suits us as we like travelling to countries where there`s usually a lot of light. What`s more: good battery life, and the flash memory cards ar getting cheaper and cheaper. One of the most important reasons to love the Ixus is the size: while travelling it fits in the breast pocket of a denim jacket.