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Astrology and sex

astrology.gifE-skeptic subscriber Greg Myers sent this interesting article about an astrology test that he performed on members of his family to the E-Skeptic. I suggest you should try this one in simular situations.
“I wanted to share with you an experience of mine yesterday that may make you smile. It involves my girlfriend’s family, who I feel are very smart people who believe weird things. She has a large immediate family, and they are all firm believers of multiple fringe concepts, including astrology, ghosts, and psychic powers (and at least half of them regularly visit an iridologist). If I express any skepticism on these matters I am quickly stifled.

Bright Feedback

It hasn’t surprised me a bit: the commentary from Michael Schermer on the new meme ‘Brights‘ has irritated a lot of people. Including me, though i’d like to point out it’s only the word itself which causes irritation, and not the thoughts behind it. Declare yourself, or a movement, any movemenet, as ‘Bright’ and, for good reason, ‘bloody arrogant’ will be the first label that will be stapled on your back. Read on for feedback from Michael Shermer on his commentary from last week.