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Saved by the backup

Saved by a backup!
Yes, there was a backup made last night, so i only had to re-edit contestant data of the twenty-something pictures i added on thursday.
I must admit, i really love some system administrators 🙂
To prevent repetition i’ve downloaded and installed a back-up script from BizDesign that backups the whole kit and caboodle after building.
It works, but this one also isn’t very elegant coded: when you make a backup it compresses (tar.gz) all index files, all keywords, all captions and all thumbnails captions. So far so good, but the next time you make a backup it compresses everything including the compressed backup it has produced the previous time. The result is that every time the backup is growing with the size of the backup. Funny …

Shit happens in spades

When shit happens, i get it in spades. Maybe i’ve been just a little bit too lucky the last months, with only the normal daily computer peeves. We’re changing the operating systems on our machines on the newspaper from Windows 98 to XP.
Part of a process that takes months, during which a couple of systems, some of them almost twenty years old, are replaced by brandnew systems and tools. Inevitable part of that process is that a lot of things go wrong, every day. It makes some people crazy, but I like it. I’ve always liked changes, and i’ve always liked to solve computer problems. Until one hour ago, when, stupid me, i clicked on a link in Outlook, while my browser was showing the result of a building process on a server. Argh!