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Time flies …

mtpub.jpgTime flies: a quick look at my tables tells me I’ve started running Moveable Type six months ago, and only now I am beginning to understand the finer things of the system. Of course you can have the system completely installed for you, or install it and then, as often happens, completely forget how you’ve set it up once it is running.
Once running you can use it for what is was built for to begin with: a perfect blogging system. But it can also be a wonderful (database driven, static content served) publishing system, wich can be used for a lot of different kinds of websites. Right now I’m using it to publish what I’m writing, but I’m also building an archive of some things I’ve been writing over the years. With the help of a very handy option: the ‘Authored On’ field. Movable Type allows you to pre-date or post-date entries by modifying ‘Authored on’ date and time for an entry.
As the articles I’m archiving sit already on my server, as well as in plain HTML as in MySQL tables, there should be an easier way than the cutting and pasting I’m performing right now. Some reasons I’ll stick to cut and paste for now: