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How to randomize

random.gifI’ve been asked questions about the random cookies and the random thumbnails. Also the logo on top of the site randomizes from colour to tiles to black and white. How do we do it?
It’s really very simple. You put an executable file (chmod 755) in your cgi-local, or anywhere else your server allows you to execute files.
The name of the file can be something like random.cgi, or, depending on your httpd.config file (I think ๐Ÿ™‚
Anyway, your randomizer should look like this:

I got them!

kuifke.jpgI bought the very last Gazet van Antwerpen and the Belang van Limburg available in Breda, south on the Dutch – Belgium border. Two wonderful collectors items. Those Belgium newspapers yesterday banned all photographs and normal graphics from all their pages because Kuifje (TinTin) celebrated his 75th birthday. Other Belgian newspapers yesterday (La Libre) brought a cartoon of Kuifje grabbing his coat to start another adventure, his trusted Bobby (a.k.a. Snowy) following heel. (Click for enlargement)
But The Gazet and the Belang went the full distance: every news article that would normally have been published with a photograp, ran with a suiting cartoon instead.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Another contest closed, this time the best Xmas/New Years Card. Over 400 entries, so pick your choice if you’ve forgotten somebody. They’re all placed in this album on one of the newspaper servers. Nominees over here
For Dutchies only: the winner is to be decided by SMS: stem mee voor de mooiste kaart
Welke kaart gaat de wedstrijd winnen?
Breng via SMS een stem uit op de kaart die U het mooiste lijkt. Met het uitbrengen van uw stem dingt U mee naar een cd-bon.