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MacWindows OSXP

osxxp.gif OS X on a Dell? Yuk! Question and answer formed the two first sentences of this column – a.k.a. ‘Interface’ until September 2004 – on February 29, 2002. Feed question and answer to Google and you’ll find it over here (in Dutch).
A lot has changed in four years. While I made my entrance into the Mac-parish it has become possible – although not officially allowed by Redmond or Cupertino – to install and operate OS X on a Dell without too many sleepless nights.

In memoriam Donald Dukeman

Picture: Donald Dukeman and Mrs. Gertrude Stuber-Kirlin, sister of Bill Kirlin, Donald holding a model of Baggy Maggy. (May 2004, Honeybrook, Chester County, Penssylvania).
Bad news these days arrives every so often over the internet, one way or antother; web, VOIP, sms, chat, rss, any possible way over the ever increasing GooglePlex, copper or wireless.
This time is was Gmail that prepared us for the death of Donald Dukeman, followed by a sad post on Easter Sunday under one of my old Baggy Maggy postings: ‘Donald Dukeman has passed away’.

New pics, tagging, anybody?

New pictures, quickly batched over three albums: Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia. Since you probably know by now that my camera was snatched in La Paz, the Argentian pictures – so far – were all shot in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Cataratas de Iguazu, Salta, Cordillera de Cucuy and La Quiaca.
ImageFolio: Argentina 2006
ImageFolio: Bolivia 2006
ImageFolio: Paraguay 2006

Airport Express streaming

airport.jpg As I’m working a lot on my iMac a these days, decided to buy an Apple Airport Express, and was suprised again (twice) by Apple.
The day before a colleague gave me a baseball dvd; Astros – White Sox, impressive stuff, all about power pitching. Tried the dvd in my XP machine at the newspaper, but gave up, frustrated, after fifteen minutes of typical Windows behaviour; crashing media player, crashing XP, crashing machine. Took the dvd home, slipped it in the side slot of the Mac and it started playing.


In the eleven years I’m publishing on the net (starting in ’95 on the Eindhoven DSE server, switching to in ’97), I’ve mainly done so in Dutch.
Like some other Dutch bloggers I’ve done the occassionaly post in English, looking, searching, for a definite course on the blog, one way or another. If you Google the blog you will find some of them.
My digital domain has never been and will never be complete, as I haven’t been able to blog everything that I’ve written over the years.


Everywhere, in every country, you have a lot of nice people, and some assholes. I really don’t know what kind of guys the three pickpockets are who robbed me of my Digital Ixus in La Paz (hence no pictures of La Paz over here).
Maybe they’re very nice guys for their family and friends, and they were professionals for sure; it all happened in a second or so, no knife, no pain, pooofff, boom, and gone they were, with my camera. Well done, boys!

Andrey Gofman of Andrey Anufrijenko?

Hoop rekeningen bij de post na zes weken Zuid-Amerika, maar ook een cadeautje: ‘De Blokjesleggers van Turijn’. Dat het eraan kwam wist ik al, na het volgende mailtje dat ik ergens in Paraguay of Bolivia in een internetcafe in mijn onvolprezen Gmail tegenkwam:
Geachte heer Krijnen,
U heeft ons een oplossing gestuurd op onze ‘Afgrijzelijk moeilijke schaatsvraag‘. Helaas was die oplossing niet goed, maar u was wel de enige die in de buurt kwam. (Er waren in totaal twee inzendingen). Hoewel u voor Gofman Andrej Anufrijenko had moeten invullen willen wij u toch een exemplaar van het boek ‘De blokjeslegger van Turijn toesturen’.
Vriendelijke groet,
Jon de Mari
bladmanager VPRO Gids