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Alpe d’Huez: been there, done that!

Yes! In 1.48, number 355 of the 420 who made it to the top of Alpe d’Huez. Big fun, wonderful weather, three unforgettable days. And some Dutch hope for the future: Bart Dielissen, a 12 year old kid from my hometown Breda, danced to the top faster than Lance Armstrong at the same age.
Another hope for my own future: my namesake Jan Krijnen (no family), at 77 the eldest participant of the pack, did it seven minutes faster than me. But then again, my guess is that after another 22 years of training, I will better my first climb by seven minutes too.
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Cracker Jack

The longer I am working with computers – or have to, my combination of job and hobby is daily hit by highs and lows – the older I get, the more skeptic my view at protecting computers and systems, networks or protocols. A view opposing what I adviced during the last two weeks: move your complete kit and caboodle to the web, because that move will make your computerlife easier and you will sleep better.
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ServersCheck is suing Google

A Belgium network-monitoring company called ServersCheck is going to sue Google because it’s tool bar points directly to pirated software.
The suit claims that the ‘Google Suggest’ feature tells possible new buyers of ServersCheck software where to get the latest cracks and illegal versions.
According to Maarten Van Laere, ceo of ServersCheck, a search on ServersCheck will give you suggested search terms such as ‘serverscheck crack,’ ‘serverscheck pro crack,’ and ‘serverscheck keygen’.
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Google Notebook

GoogleNotebook.jpg This one is written in the newest root at the ever expanding GoogleTree: Notebook. While I’m writing, I’m figuring out what it can do for me, five minutes after I’ve downloaded and installed it on my iMac as an extension of Firefox. Although the boys and girls from Google warned me in the disclaimer that the Notebook extension might be a bit buggy on OS X, nevertheless it’s working like everything else that Google delivers: interface as simple as possible, and fast.
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According to some people working with computers is very bad for mind and body.
While I’m wondering if that could be true, I’m fanatically hitting keys eight days a week, for work as well as for fun.
True or not, as someone who has been able, by some luck, to turn one of my hobbies into my job, I shouldn’t’t complain about long hours.
Although I have to take care not to become addicted, always a problem where work and hobby meet.
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Moving house and the FlashMac

My complete computer content has moved to the web, I realised this week.
Over time my machine has become nothing more than an interface between my living room and the Internet. Everything that’s valuable is somewhere out there on that evil web, but I don’t bother at all.
I trust Verio, the keeper of my virtual magazines, I trust Google, my digital amanuensis, I trust Apple, my mechanic.
Behind my blog at Verio rests what I want to keep safe and hidden, Google saves other things, indexes and searches, distributes, receives and sends, and on the iDisk at my Dot.Accounts is a system backup ready, in case things go wrong.
The web has become where I live and work: for what do I need a hard disk?
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