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The Great Firewall

It appears that some people get wiser when they get older. While I leave any judgement regarding myself to my readers, I’m thinking longer than before about some things before I’m thinking anything about them. The big question is if it’s because of wisdom, or because dying grey matter. Twice this week I’ve messed up my coffee making by putting coffee in the steamer, and milk in the coffee pad. Just a bit absent-minded, right?
Maybe because I was thinking about Google while making my morning coffee. Amnesty International has launched a campaign in which it accuses Google, Yahoo and Microsoft of aiding the repression of freedom of information and expression in China.
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Living in America

accessusa.gif Thanks to Henk van Ess, who showed me the way to the Internet version of a P.O. box in Liechtenstein in his column The Journalist, I’m living in America from now on. Virtual, for the time being, and because an unknown namesake living somewhere else, I haven’t got a clue where, let the domain expire, I’ve registered it on the same day. Earlier his year I was too late when another Krijnen, faster than me, snatched
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Mexican memory stick

Most companies spend carloads of money trying to prevent their workers computers becoming infected by viruses and spy ware. Expansive licences for anti virus suites, corporate firewalls, nailed up and cemented firewalls, accounts, passwords, and whatever possible to protect.
In the meantime every machine these days arrive with at least two USB ports that anybody can use to connect memory sticks, cameras, iPods or other devices. If these ports are protected virus-wise, there’s another danger: data-theft.
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