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Google Teacher Academy

Google again. Don’t say I’m bothering you and that I should start writing about something else, because you would miss things. A week or so ago another one of thosesurveys popped up. As well as over here (Holland) as over there (the US) they come and go several times each year, but this one was to betaken seriously, done by the Stanford School of Medicine.
This time one out of eight grown up Americans exhibited at least one possible sign of problematic Internet use. No idea if I would be part of the digital junkyard, but if so, it’s a reassuring idea that my addiction is covered by a salary.

A Star is Born?

Now what . . . . ? A star is born?
Go to my Geocoder, or Google Maps if you don’t trust me, feed the form the adress Prins Hendrikstraat 170, Breda, NL, hit ‘Go’ and see for yourself. Or go to my GoogleMaps and click on ‘A Star Born?
Any clues anybody? My guess: it’s the sun reflecting on a glass car roof. But then again: there must be heaps of stars like this in cities where the sun shone when the satelltite or the picture planes passed over. Maybe caused by a glitch in the Aerodata (who does the Dutch pictures) or the Google cameras and/or software.

Big fun: Google Maps API

Having big fun playing with the Google Maps API! Got two keys, one for myself, one for the newspaper portal I’m working for, and constructed some pages.
The first one integrated in an iFrame in the newspaper website, and two pages so far for myself, checking out what’s possible – and that’s a bloody lot. So far I’ve produced a map with navigation in the side bar, and a second one to get the Geocodes you need for the navigation URL’s in the side bar of the first one.
They both look nice now, linking to each other. More work to be done, though. The goal might be to combine all functions in one big map, but I’m not sure I’d like to do that, maybe better to keep it this way. But first I have to learn how to make the pop up’s look nicer, maybe use my own icon placemarks, how to integrate the ‘to here’ and ‘from here’ directions into the pop-ups.
There’s a pretty comprehensive Google Maps API Documentation manual at Google, and I made the first Map at the newspaper based on that manual.
The second and the third map I couldn’t have done without the great Google Maps API Tutorial from Mike Williams.

Start (video) blogging, now!

Wanna see how two twenty somethings feel who just cashed a cool 700 million each? Check out this YouTube video. It shows the interview held on a San Francisco Street, minutes after YouTube, owned by Chad Hurley (29) and Steve Chen (28), is acquired by Google, that paid 1.65 billion in shares. No wonder the two video wonder boys are behaving like they’re leaving a Dutch coffee shop, where one can legally enjoy a big joint.

More Google News

I’ve noted yesterday that Writely was definitely gone, merged with Spreadsheets into Google Documents & Spreadsheets, in which this post is written.
Late yesterday night (CET) a new little linkie when I logged into Google Groups: ‘view in Google Beta’.
Click and see how the GoogleGroups interface soon will be looking – maybe this switch is definitely too while I’m writing this – like the recently made over RSS reader.
Wait folks, cause that’s not all there is today . . .
Next star on the Google heaven: another little link this morning in Documents & Spreadsheets: Photo.

Docs & Spreadsheets: almost Google Office

It’s almost – just not yet – Google Office: when I logged into my Google Account ten minutes ago, and clicked my way into Writely, something new appeared: Google Documents.
While some Redmond lackeys start collecting old chairs for Steve Ballmer and then duck for cover, Google has integrated Writely and Spreadsheets into – well- Google Docs & Spreadsheets.
Earlier this morning I was working in the ‘old’ Writely, noticing nothing new, but now the green and yellow colors are gone, and the new application is dressed in the familiar Google light blue. Just wondering how long it will take until YouTube changes logo and color . . . .
Apart from the integration there are some new features, and of course some improvements. I’ll report on them later.
Check out: What’s new in Google Docs & Spreadsheets?

Mail: so yesterday?

Be warned, those who just completed an e-mail course for seniors; better stop reading at the end of this sentence. Because e-mail is tired, not wired, so outdated, has-been, redundant. E-mail is not cool, no more, Internet youth (is there youth somewhere that doesn’t use Internet?) use e-mail for only thing: to communicate with old people.
Youth rather use – apart from mobile phone text messaging – something form the broad spectrum of different ways of chat serving, like Windows Live Messenger, MSN, GoogleTalk, or one of the numerous chat servers on the Internet, or somewhere in some online community.
Translation in Dutch at @ DutchCowboys

Blue Oyster Spiral Fractal Zoom

No matter how deep you go, there’s always more. According to maker Dave Klimann this movie took quite a few days to calculate in 1993.
‘When i first made a poster of … all » the image i call ‘blue oyster spiral’, which is a zoom at about the 100 Billion X magnification level inside the Mandelbrot Fractal, it took 34 computers 3 days to render it. But today, the same poster can be rendered on one typical PC in just a few hours’.