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Very interesting discussion on Wired, a multi media success in the US. Wired is a magazine, a website, a blog, Wired is paper, digital and mobile content, Wired is much more than is used to be, a magazine about computers,Internet, technology. For instance; an article about sex, Is ‘Internet Normal’ the New ‘Sex Normal’?
A lot of my fellow countrymen over here in The Netherlands not only think, but they know for sure that most Americans are very puritanical people. Like our Christian Historic party, that’s against most forms of too visible parts, of too much body. Dutch people don’t see that one can also see The United States as fifty different countries, with a lot of different people, cultures and idea’s.
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I can fly!

I can fly!
Piss off. We don’t need your hedge and the nest anymore, cause we can fly!
Don’t you think that’s exactly what
this young blackbird is trying to tell me? The four of them flew out this morning, and both parents were attacking my head when I shot this picture. I caught a glimpse of one of the others in the shed, ducking under some garbage, the remaining two should be around somewhere.
Like last year, the crows and the magpies are searching the neighbourhood for fresh tucker, but as these youngsters are much bigger than the doomed nest from last year, their chances of surviving look pretty good.

Early spring

It looks like an early spring over here in Holland. It’s april 10 and those four young blackbirds in our back garden look like they’re ready to jump out of the nest any moment. The nest is build on exactly the same spot in the hedge, like each year since we’re living here, but I doubt the first nest of the season has been this early before. Last year was a bad one, as two out of five died in the first week, and the three survivors left the nest too early, only to fell prey to the magpies.