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The Meanest Mac in History

The renovation finished in four years and ten days (only the new shed to be built somewhere in summer) I’m sitting and thinking on this first rainy day after seven weeks of fabulous weather, most of it spilled painting and finishing.
What now? I’d promised myself a new iMac when the renovation would by over and done, but the 24 inch looks so 2006 already. In a few weeks there will be another keynote somewhere, and right now only God and Steve Jobs know what kind of white rabbit the latter is going to pull from his hat once on stage.
A 30 inch iMac? Or some new box filled with things we haven’t heard of yet? By the way, there’s a Mac Pro – to be connected to two 30 inch screens of course – running two 3gigahertz Clovertown Xeon processors!
Here she is: an eight core OS X machine, a.k.a. The Meanest Intel Mac in History.
So: the 20 inch G5 with 1 gigabyte memory, that I’m enjoying for eighteen months now, isn’t a future classic anymore: it’s an old-timer.
Now what?