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Internet in Italy: passport please . . .

Parking problem the Italian way: a bunch of Ferrari’s in Perugia.

I hadn’t expected this in Italy, where everybody is always very busy doing things not allowed, but one can’t check his e-mail just like that.
Passport fer favore! Excuse me, passport?
Turns out that in Firenze without a passport you’re not allowed to touch a keyboard.

Down Under

Aborigines performing at Crown Street Mall, Wollongong. credits: Wikipedia Commons.
Down Under in the news; a tragic shooting, with some luck survived by a Dutch backpacker who became a hero, something that could have happened anywhere.
For a few days it took away international attention from a much bigger tragedy: the Australian Aborigines.
I like to think know something about Aborigine history. But even after having been there twenty times, having travelled every corner of the big island for a total of more than three years, I still don’t get it. Even worse, the more I read the Australian media about the Aborigine problems, the more books I read about Australian history, the less I understand about the Aborigine soul.

We all love lovely Kelly

For the last two years Kelly is our guest when her owners are enjoying their holiday.
A cross between a Pekinese and a Boomer, Kelly is cute, Kelly is lovely. I love to walk Kelly, because all girls smile at me, but Kelly knows what she wants.
And what she doesn’t like! I haven’t got a clue why yet, but Kelly hates my Canon Ixus. Check out the video, and please push your sound settings to the max. Enjoy!