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Money in Youth Sports Coverage?

According to The Washington Post inCan Youth Sports Coverage Pay Off Online? a whole bunch of new blogs, websites, television stations and start-ups are creating a boom in local sports coverage online.
One of those is DigitalSports, a new company based in Columbia (Maryland), that’s planning to make some money in covering youth, club and high school sports.
By coïncidence, while I’m writing this, I receive an unsollicited mail from a firm called from They have visitited our sports pages, and haven’t found any live scores, results or statistics.

Multimedia storytelling: a Toolkit for Journalists

Mindy McAdams at The University of Florida has developed a graduate course focused on multimedia storytelling. It’s a course that prepares students to work as a journalist in the newsrooms of today and/or the future where online and digital platforms are as important as traditional print or broadcast platforms.
Mindy on her blog at This semester I had the opportunity to create and teach a new graduate course, focused on multimedia storytelling. I admitted 15 students, all of whom had some prior experience as reporters (for some, it was only a one-semester reporting class).
The complete syllabus is online; the course is called Journalists’ Toolkit 1.

De Nachttrein

De nachttrein bezorgt me een beetje heimwee. Omdat er vroeger in Breda alleen maar nachtkroegen waren waar je zonder stropdas niet naar binnen mocht, togen we na sluitingstijd naar Antwerpen.
De Bob was de schaarse geheelonthouder, of de goeie gast die aan het begin van de avond wat minder dronk dan de rest. Met zeven man in een Lelijke Eend schoot het niet echt op, om soms bij Wuustwezel een chagrijnige Zwarte Zwaan te treffen die het gezelschap stappers in spe zonder pardon terug naar Olland stuurde.

‘Snacking’ sparking the next mobile video explosion?

According to Asher Moses from the Sydney Morning Herald video on mobile phones has become grown up, now that content providers and traditional media personalities sign on to create original shows exclusively for handhelds.
Until now phone networks and mobile-focused digital media companies have relied heavily on content repurposed from regular TV shows, but they are fast learning the most effective mobile videos are those explicitly designed for ‘snacking’ while on the move.

My Gmail story?

Apparently Google is continually reminded by all of us why they work so hard on Gmail when they hear stories from us about how we’re using it. From keeping long-distance relationships alive over chat to saving a historic record of our high school life within a single conversation thread. Now I don’t know about you, but for one reason ore another I don’t like single long threads. If any thread threathens to become longer than seven, eight or nine pieces, I kill the thread by archiving it, and instead of replying composing a new mail. But of course that’s just me . . .
Pinning our stories on the walls around Google hasn’t been the best way to share them with the Gmail community, so Google now is inviting us to share our ideas, methods, tricks and secrets with the world. All we need to do need is to produce a video and a story.
As the Google Boys and Girls put it: feel free to get creative with special effects or choreography or just tell it like it is.
Up to my Mac, where’s my Canon?

NYTimes traffic surges after the wall

Do you read, editors over here in Holland, where some are still hanging on to the idea that website are cannibalizing newspapers? Read: TechCrunch reports:
Since the tore down the last remaining boulder of its subscription pay wall (known as Times Select) in mid-September, its traffic has been going through the roof. According to comScore, it gained 7.5 million readers worldwide from the end of August through the end of October (November numbers are not out yet).

Het Journaal

Het is hier een land van zanikers en zeurpieten en het NOS Journaal is de moeder van alle gezever. Het zou een betrouwbare, onafhankelijke, verslaggevende en analyserende rots in de nooit aflatende branding van de waan der dag moeten zijn.
Maar het is mettertijd verworden tot een breikransje dat het iedereen, van kleuter tot hoogbejaarde, gezellig naar de zin wil maken, met Philip Freriks in de rol van Tante Betje.

Rolling Out The Mojo: the Nokia N95

Apparently we’re not the only journo’s experimenting with the Nokia N95. Nine reporters on our newspaper are using the Nokia to shoot pictures and photos to accompany their news stories. I know some other newspapers and public broadcasters in Holland are ordering big batches of the Nokia.
A Reuters reporter will this week embark on an experiment to report the arrival of Tesco in the US with little more than a Nokia N95 mobile phone. The news agency has been using the ‘mobile journalism toolkit’, developed through close partnership with Nokia, for a couple of months now, but mostly to have TV reporters shoot video for the web – now a text reporter will file to the wire from LA and Las Vegas using the handset and a Bluetooth keyboard.
Full story: Reuters Mobile Journalism Roundtable: Rolling Out The MoJo, Planning For HD Mobiles
Check out the video:

Is Murdoch really a God botherer?

According to various sources on the web News Corp’s Fox Entertainment Group has bought Beliefnet, a website on spirituality and faith, as part of its internet expansion.
As The Sydney Morning Herald tells it: Tabloid Page 3 girls may have helped build its original print empire, but Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp is putting its faith in God online.
If you, like me, are wondering now if Murdoch is a God botherer: the answer looks like ‘yes‘ . . .
Red Herring apparently doesn’t bother about the real believing, but believes Murdoch believes in Beliefnet because the acquisition will help News Corp. to expand its religious video and book publishing businesses and offer additional outlets for Beliefnet’s content.