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Leopard is spinning

A month or so has passed since I upgraded from Tiger to Leopard. Upgrading my iMac to Leopard took less than an hour, and after that everything was ready and fine.
One ugly problem however, after I downloaded and installed the first fat Leopard Security Update (35mb), but that was entirely my own fault. When the reboot took a little longer than I expected, and I assumed nothing was happening at all, I hard yanked the iMac into a reboot, and that was ooh soo wrong. The machine booted up into a fresh new welcome screen, wanted me too enter a new user, but kept rebooting up in a loop.
The result was that I had to do a safe reboot, and a complete reïnstallation from the Leopard CD. Having done that (went smooth again in an hour or so) I fired up Time Machine for the first time on a clean 250 GB external hard disk. After that disk was formatted Leopard started copying files and told me the first back-up process would take more than eight hours. So I went around to do other things and when I came back late at night the iMac was sleeping, and behaved very well when woken up.
Check out the video from Walt Mossberg and read his article: Leopard: Faster, Easier Than Vista.

Coming soon: VWApple iCar?

According to different sources, like AP this morning, Apple and Volkswagen are discussing the possibility of building an “iCar” that would feature products by the producer of the ubiquitous iPod personal music player.
Several Newspapers and magazines – try to Google iCar on Google News – Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Volkswagen chief Martin Winterkorn have met on several occasions in Cupertino and are planning to meet for further discussions. Said Hans-Gerd Bode, spokesman for Volkswagen.
Translation in Dutch @ DutchCowboys

The Fake Steve Jobs Is Busted

For about a year and a half I’ve been enjoying the work of an anonymous blogger who was acting as Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, one of the world’s most famous businessmen, and certainly on of the worlds best salesman.
On ‘the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs’, Jobs came out like a difficult and egoistical leader. ‘Fake Steve’,” attracted also many famous readers, the real Mr. Jobs as well as Bill Gates acknowledged reading the blog, though the latter probably enjoyed it more than the main subject of the blog.
Turned out the writer wasn’t living in the valley, nor is he an Apple employee, but a tech writer and editor living and working on the East Coast; Daniel Lyons, from Forbes Magazine.
Mr. Lyons was pulled out of his hidden closet last weekend by the New York Times’ Brad Stone.
Check out the report at the NYT website.
What I really like is the comment of his boss, Richard Karlgaard, who said he had a good laugh and holds no grudges; ‘I think it is the most brilliant caricature of an important part of American culture that I’ve seen. We’re really proud that he’s one of ours.’
Right! (Do ya read, up there?)
The comment of Mr. Jobs are less funny. By now we all know that one of the worlds best sellers has an en ego that’s so big it doesn’t fit in his fattest Pro Mac.
A pity, bit stupid also, because with just al little bit of wit, a small piece of self-referential humor, Steve Jobs could have gained a lot of sympathy, courtesy of Steve Fake Jobs.
Translation in Dutch at @ DutchCowboys

The Meanest Mac in History

The renovation finished in four years and ten days (only the new shed to be built somewhere in summer) I’m sitting and thinking on this first rainy day after seven weeks of fabulous weather, most of it spilled painting and finishing.
What now? I’d promised myself a new iMac when the renovation would by over and done, but the 24 inch looks so 2006 already. In a few weeks there will be another keynote somewhere, and right now only God and Steve Jobs know what kind of white rabbit the latter is going to pull from his hat once on stage.
A 30 inch iMac? Or some new box filled with things we haven’t heard of yet? By the way, there’s a Mac Pro – to be connected to two 30 inch screens of course – running two 3gigahertz Clovertown Xeon processors!
Here she is: an eight core OS X machine, a.k.a. The Meanest Intel Mac in History.
So: the 20 inch G5 with 1 gigabyte memory, that I’m enjoying for eighteen months now, isn’t a future classic anymore: it’s an old-timer.
Now what?

H.264 in every Mac?

After eighteen months of happy Maccing, I’ve become a Mac maniac, and I’m never going to use anything else but OS X. That’s the good news, at least for those who also use a Mac. The bad news is that one never knows when to upgrade.
I know that I’m going to swap my 20 inch G5 iMac for a brand new Intel powered 24 inch , but the big question is: when?
I’m not waiting for a 30 inch, because it wouldn’t fit on my desk under the open stairs in the living.
But behind that bigger screen, a lot of hardware might always change very fast. There’s always an Apple event or keynote dawning behind the horizon, and I’ve learned the bad way not to buy anything in the months before super seller Steve has left the stage.
Yet faster Intel chips, who knows an iMac with two dual core processors, quicker than the quickest Mac Pro.
My choice as well as my timing are even more difficult now that I’ve read that Cupertino plans to add H.264 hardware support to its entire line.
At least, according to Robert X. Cringely: The Great Apple Video Encoder Attack of 2007.
Now what?
Translation in Dutch at @ Dutch Cowboys

Moving house and the FlashMac

My complete computer content has moved to the web, I realised this week.
Over time my machine has become nothing more than an interface between my living room and the Internet. Everything that’s valuable is somewhere out there on that evil web, but I don’t bother at all.
I trust Verio, the keeper of my virtual magazines, I trust Google, my digital amanuensis, I trust Apple, my mechanic.
Behind my blog at Verio rests what I want to keep safe and hidden, Google saves other things, indexes and searches, distributes, receives and sends, and on the iDisk at my Dot.Accounts is a system backup ready, in case things go wrong.
The web has become where I live and work: for what do I need a hard disk?
Translation Translation @ DutchCowboys

Airport Express streaming

airport.jpg As I’m working a lot on my iMac a these days, decided to buy an Apple Airport Express, and was suprised again (twice) by Apple.
The day before a colleague gave me a baseball dvd; Astros – White Sox, impressive stuff, all about power pitching. Tried the dvd in my XP machine at the newspaper, but gave up, frustrated, after fifteen minutes of typical Windows behaviour; crashing media player, crashing XP, crashing machine. Took the dvd home, slipped it in the side slot of the Mac and it started playing.

How to make a Mac invisible?

invisible.jpgMy logs show that since I’m a happy Mac owner, the percentage of visitors using a Mac has risen. The average of Mac users in unique sessions is approximately 50 a day now. Must have something to do with search engines. Anyway; this might be the right place to ask the question: how do I make my Mac invisible?
On my previous old XP and Win 2K platforms, my machines passed the Shields Up test at Gibson Research with flying colors: totally stealth, totally invisible. The Norton Suite did the job wel, Firewall and anti-virus.
While I’m using Little Snitch and Virex I feel pretty safe, and all logs so far haven’t showed anything that should worry me.


2xfaster.gif Goede of slechte timing? Vijfentwintig jaar geen haar op mijn hoofd gehad die erover piekerde om een Mac te kopen, en nu ik er een heb, stopt Apple er Intel processors is. En beweert Steve Jobs met een opgewekt gezicht dat de nieuwe Intel-versie van de iMac, waarvan ik amper een maand de trotse bezitter ben, minstens twee keer zo snel is.
Is FatCat, de naam waaronder mijn witte tornado op internet rond raast, een kat in de zak?