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We all love lovely Kelly

For the last two years Kelly is our guest when her owners are enjoying their holiday.
A cross between a Pekinese and a Boomer, Kelly is cute, Kelly is lovely. I love to walk Kelly, because all girls smile at me, but Kelly knows what she wants.
And what she doesn’t like! I haven’t got a clue why yet, but Kelly hates my Canon Ixus. Check out the video, and please push your sound settings to the max. Enjoy!

H.264 in every Mac?

After eighteen months of happy Maccing, I’ve become a Mac maniac, and I’m never going to use anything else but OS X. That’s the good news, at least for those who also use a Mac. The bad news is that one never knows when to upgrade.
I know that I’m going to swap my 20 inch G5 iMac for a brand new Intel powered 24 inch , but the big question is: when?
I’m not waiting for a 30 inch, because it wouldn’t fit on my desk under the open stairs in the living.
But behind that bigger screen, a lot of hardware might always change very fast. There’s always an Apple event or keynote dawning behind the horizon, and I’ve learned the bad way not to buy anything in the months before super seller Steve has left the stage.
Yet faster Intel chips, who knows an iMac with two dual core processors, quicker than the quickest Mac Pro.
My choice as well as my timing are even more difficult now that I’ve read that Cupertino plans to add H.264 hardware support to its entire line.
At least, according to Robert X. Cringely: The Great Apple Video Encoder Attack of 2007.
Now what?
Translation in Dutch at @ Dutch Cowboys

Bitten by the Video Bug

Almost an old geezer, finally bitten by the video bug. Two reasons that it took so long: no bandwidth, no affection. Until recently useless to do something with video and Internet, like sucking Haagen Dasz trough a straw. I must admit the lack of affection was due to the fact that I left The Utrecht School for Journalism as a writer. In a paper past, when one could graduate without having done ‘Radio and Television’, as it was called way back in the late seventies.
I visit my old school every once in a while, earned a certificate English writing for the Media there three years ago – but it’s all called multi media, or (mass) communication now. It might even be impossible to leave that school as only a writer now.
My late calling is the result of bandwidth galore these days, a Canon Ixus 800is that is delivering pristine video, and my iMac that screams to me from almost every application that she wants to handle the task I’m performing different, something with multi media. Like any good server, I see my iMac as a ship, so she is a she. I haven’t bought the Ixus, as well as the iMac because of video, but click something and something starts to move.

The Real Origin of Spam

‘Spam’ is a very popular Monty Python sketch, first on television in 1970, 36 years ago. In the sketch, two customers are trying to order a breakfast from a menu that includes the processed meat product in almost every item. In the sketch, a restaurant serves all its food with lots of spam, and the waitress repeats the word several times in describing how much spam is in the items. When she does this, the Vikings (don’t ask what they are doing there) in the corner start a song:
“Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, lovely spam! Wonderful spam!
As we all know by now, the term spam (in electronic communication) is derived from this sketch. So the big question is: how did the term spam get connected with spam as we know it?
Personally I like this one, out of many answers on the net: the analysis form Brad Templeton: Origin of the term ‘spam’ to mean net abuse.

Start (video) blogging, now!

Wanna see how two twenty somethings feel who just cashed a cool 700 million each? Check out this YouTube video. It shows the interview held on a San Francisco Street, minutes after YouTube, owned by Chad Hurley (29) and Steve Chen (28), is acquired by Google, that paid 1.65 billion in shares. No wonder the two video wonder boys are behaving like they’re leaving a Dutch coffee shop, where one can legally enjoy a big joint.

Blue Oyster Spiral Fractal Zoom

No matter how deep you go, there’s always more. According to maker Dave Klimann this movie took quite a few days to calculate in 1993.
‘When i first made a poster of … all » the image i call ‘blue oyster spiral’, which is a zoom at about the 100 Billion X magnification level inside the Mandelbrot Fractal, it took 34 computers 3 days to render it. But today, the same poster can be rendered on one typical PC in just a few hours’.

New Numa – The Return of Gary Brolsma

Gary Brolsma, the Numa Numa Guy, is back in his return video: New Numa! With the video comes a $45,000 worldwide New Numa contest where you can make your own New Numa video for a chance at the Grand Prize of $25,000 cash and a whole lot of internet fame.
Go to to enter the contest, chat with Gary, check out the New Numa music and new music by Dan Balan (the producer/songwriter of Dragostea din Tei, the original numa numa!) Most importantly: Don’t forget to laugh and have fun.