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The B-word

Next week it’s Tabloid Day at the newspaper were I’m working, last months all hands on every deck having been busy preparing , restyling, learning new tricks, and, pretty important, learning how to write shorter (and better).
Temporarily there’s not as much attention for Internet and multimedia as there should be, but that’s gonna be alright, in time to come. If not out by vision, then because of the market: publishers that don’t take part in the Internet rat race, will find themselves empty handed at the finish – that is, if there ever will come and end to the race.
Most of my colleagues don’t seem to understand it yet, but there’s De Nieuwe Reporter(The New Reporter) to tell them it’s paramount that they start blogging.
Translation in Dutch at @ DutchCowboys

Badonkadonk and Death by Milk

Do not try this in Holland, because before you’re around the very first street corner it will be confiscated by grumpy men in black or blue, but in Britain or the US it’s somewhat easier to drive your own soapbox, powered by something that roars.
You have to pass some kind of MOT, and if brakes, headlights and steering are doing a decent job you receive some kind of green slip and you’re on your way. One should try to emigrate to the US for less.
I doubt if the Badonkadonk Land Cruiser Tank is ‘street legal’, because on most pictures I can find, it’s badonkabonking around in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, during the Burning Man Festival. However, if you’re prepared to pay 20.000 dollar, and you have a very big back garden, you can badonkadonk in in Holland. She’s for sale on Amazon.

iPhone, YouPhone . . . .

Maybe I should have become a marketeer. Some weeks before Xmas (2006) a song sang in between my ears, when Apple delayed the introduction of it’s cross-breed between phone and iPod. Then, somewhere first week of December, LinkSys, either sensing problems or opportunities, presented a new model of its iPhone, the name than mum Cisco had registered seven years earlier. So, I thought, Apple will come with its own phone, but what will be its name?

More on Google Maps

I just love GoogleMaps! Great what you can do with it, when you get your API key. It took me a while, and some hard work, but finally I’m getting somewhere.
So far I’ve set up three different maps:
a Big Full Screen Google Map (looks fabulous on my iMac),
and a Geocoder.
Couldn’t have realised it without the Google Maps API Tutorial from Mike Williams, the Google Maps API Version 2 Documentation and Mapki.
Check them out, click on te markers, try the Custom Zoom, made possible by the Java Script written by Andre Lewis,
Click the markers on – or next to – the map, and see what you can do with CSS or HTML – even embedded video – in the pop-ups.
I’ve also begun to expirement with feeding GoogleEarth KML files to GoogleMaps, but I haven’t found out yet how to feed KML to the URL of one of my own maps.

Reminiscences of november 1985

Click map for Kooyong at GoogleMaps

My dear Australian friends,
Uncle Leon has has enjoyed his one minute of fame on national television.
If you miss some of the double Dutch over there; as even you can probably guess after having watched the video, it’s all about soccer. A Dutch television magazine produced an error in an article about a a soccer match way back in 1985, and I’d send them a kind email about it, pointing out it deserved an ‘undo’ in the next issue. When they published it, as a letter from reader, I got a call from another television channel. Like in Australia, channels in Holland just love to broadcast about errors made by other media.

The 80/90 Zeng Rule

My black Aldi’s, love and admired as well as despised and hated in the editorial desk room where I’m spending way to much of my time, have led to mail and real time listeners.
An elder classic audiophile needed only seconds of listening to tell me the boxes (as well as the amplifier) are crap, but some younger colleagues with a tiny budget thought the jet black heavy speaker boxes from the German retailer ‘ stellar’.