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When the Lady Smiles . . .

The Golden Earring, and When The Lady Smiles: still crazy after all those years. Live on stage at Pauw and Witteman, last tuesday, and still damn good too. I just wonder why those Americans still haven’t discovered the original 1984 clip. If they do, it will be the end as Hillary Clinton’s birthday song, I guess 🙂
Click: The original 1984 clip.: When The Lady Smiles
Marc Parent: Hillary Clinton uses Golden Earring song in campaign: music video features a nun being raped and a dog eating a man’s brain. Golden Earring heralds Hillary Clinton

Hoe lezen we weblogs?

In Nederland worden ongeveer een miljoen weblogs gemaakt. Blogs over huisdieren en obscure punkbands, maar ook over internationale politiek, wetenschap en BN’ers. Die kakofonie aan online tekstjes veroorzaakt een ware mediarevolutie: iedereen kan journalist zijn en iedereen kan worden gelezen.
De vraag is: hoe? Hoe worden blogs gelezen? Scannen lezers niet gewoon oppervlakkig door blogteksten heen? Nemen die lezers hun bloggende opinieleiders wel serieus? Wat lezen bloglezers naast die blogs, hebben ze nog behoefte aan een krant, kijken ze minder tv?
Van blogs weten we vooral hoe ze gemaakt worden. Eindeloos is gedebatteerd over de status van bloggers, over de techniek waarvan ze zich bedienen, over hun rol in de media. Veel minder vaak gaat het over de consumptie van weblogs.
Met dit onderzoek willen journalisten Henk Blanken en Robin de Wever meer te weten komen over het lezen van blogs. Het invullen van de twintig vragen kost niet meer dan een paar minuten. De resultaten van het onderzoek worden binnenkort op DutchCowboys en Krijnen.Com gepubliceerd.
Ga om mee te doen aan het onderzoek naar

Video for newspaper websites on a budget

Found on good article about the super-cheap approaches newspapers can take to capturing and publishing video for their websites.
If you want to take the plunge and have a go at video in your newsroom or to add another content string to your bow, you don’t have break the bank. Start small (and cheap) and you can try out the process before you commit to more expensive kit.
Wich is exactly the course we’re running at; providing our reporters with the Nokia N 95’s, publishing pictures on our website on our own platform or in the photoalbums, also fitted for public upload, publishing video on our embedded on the website.

We knew it was coming: Google Print Ads to Europe

We knew it was coming: Google Print Ads to Europe
According to The Times, Google is momentarily chatting up ‘several’ British newspaper publishers in the hopes of extending its Google Print Ads program across the Atlantic.
James Ashton in The Times: This expansion will worry bosses of rival media companies, including ITV chairman Michael Grade, who has already called for greater regulation on the fast-growing Google.
Cade Metz in The Register: When we asked Google if this is true, the company told us “we won’t be able to comment on if or when Print Ads will be launched in the UK.” But they like being coy.
Click on the image on top of this post or or on this link: Welcome to the Google Print Ads for a Demo (Yes, by Google) of the Print Ads.
Full list of American Newspapers participating in Google PrintAds

Leopard is spinning

A month or so has passed since I upgraded from Tiger to Leopard. Upgrading my iMac to Leopard took less than an hour, and after that everything was ready and fine.
One ugly problem however, after I downloaded and installed the first fat Leopard Security Update (35mb), but that was entirely my own fault. When the reboot took a little longer than I expected, and I assumed nothing was happening at all, I hard yanked the iMac into a reboot, and that was ooh soo wrong. The machine booted up into a fresh new welcome screen, wanted me too enter a new user, but kept rebooting up in a loop.
The result was that I had to do a safe reboot, and a complete reïnstallation from the Leopard CD. Having done that (went smooth again in an hour or so) I fired up Time Machine for the first time on a clean 250 GB external hard disk. After that disk was formatted Leopard started copying files and told me the first back-up process would take more than eight hours. So I went around to do other things and when I came back late at night the iMac was sleeping, and behaved very well when woken up.
Check out the video from Walt Mossberg and read his article: Leopard: Faster, Easier Than Vista.

Don’t fight the trend: Goodbye Dead Trees!

It’s 2008 and Kara Swisher has gone completely digital: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Learned to Love the Blog
Or: Goodbye Dead Trees! Besides saving all those trees, of course–which, let me start off the new year by being completely honest, never occurred to me until just this very second–it’s simple and obvious: The future of all media is digital going forward.
As I always like to keep in mind about everything: Don’t fight the trend

Zaterdag: tolerantie

Ik ben het niet vaak met Geert Wilders eens, maar af en toe heeft-ie een punt. Deze week noemde hij de oproepers tot meer tolerantie ‘onnozele en naïeve dwazen’.
Dat ging over Doekle Terpstra en de zijnen die met hun in Trouw getimmerde manifest het nieuwe jaar openden. Beetje goedkoop om dat in die kerkelijke krant te doen, waar preken voor eigen parochie een stuk minder kost dan een hele pagina in De Telegraaf.

What’s Needed in 2008: Serious Newsroom Cultural Change

Steve Outing in Stop The Presses: What we’d like your magic wand to do, news industry people kept telling me, is change the culture at our company and in our newsroom, because it’s holding us back and ensuring our ultimate failure“.
“We need to transform our business in a hurry,” wrote Jack Lail, managing editor/multimedia at the Knoxville News Sentinel in Tennessee. “We have consultants working with us, but at the newsroom level, for one, there’s a reservoir of skepticism. Help us solve that one.”

How to Become a Gmail Jedi Master?

Nice Gmail tutoring video on Ask The PC Guide: How to Become a Gmail Jedi Master.
Learn to master Gmail through the use of labels, filters, keyboard shortcuts, vacation autoresponders, and the new IMAP support.One of the most useful features in Gmail is its powerful search feature. They have incorporated the ease and functionality of Google search into Gmail, allowing you yo search for specific emails based on the Sender, subject line, date, or the actual content of the email. However, Gmail has gone one step further with what they call filters and labels.

Going back to the Sports Desk?

The Olivetti M10 I took with me to the Australian Open in 1985. The thing is still working, no problem at all!
Going back to my old hobby-job – sportswriter – after twelve years? Might be a good idea, after having read this article on the website of The New York Times. From 1980 until September 1995 (my last Flushing Meadows) I’ve covered over forty Grand Slams, and approximately seventy other tournaments en Davis Cup matches. Next to tennis I covered soccer every once in a while,volleyball, billiards, I’ve interviewed I don’t know how many local, national or international sporters, and I’ve written the weekly Saturday sport column for over ten years. In spring 1996 I switched to the Internet, to build our website from scratch, after having had it with sport coverage. But now, thanks to the Internet, the high-paid objects of desire are not pitchers, running backs or point guards – they are sportswriters. Now what?